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MacLean-Blevins & Associates is an award winning product design and development firm offering experience, advice and insight for clients nationwide.

Hospital use pneumatic tube carrier assembly design rendering.With a unique combination of experience in product design, material selection, manufacturing processes, prototyping techniques, tooling, and machine design, we are prepared and able to develop innovative solutions and products.

Working across a broad range of industries and markets, we employ our experience to generate concepts and ideas that are creative, pragmatic, cost-effective and functional.

M-B&A has established a solid performance history with over twenty years of providing honest, reliable and prompt professional services for more than 90 different clients on over 180 individual projects.

Delivering value for our clients and their customers through our work and work-product is our number one priority.

Packaged dual container dual delivery hose end sprayer – Glidden Deck-It retail package. Wine decanter design rendering. Child safe hose-end sprayer package concept layout – section view of CAD solid model. Conceptual CAD generated solid model of pathology sample processing equipment showing the disposable slide preparation device attached, as if in use.
Project services from start to finish, include: Serving clients nationwide, including:
  • Concept Generation
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Creative Design
  • Technical Analysis
  • Validation
  • FMEA Studies
  • Forensic Analysis
  • Professional Opinion
  • Becton-Dickinson
  • Ciba-Vision
  • ICI Paints – Glidden
  • GE Medical – Ohmeda
  • Johnson Wax Professional
  • Mine Safety Appliances Co.
  • Teledyne Energy Systems
  • Over 80 more and counting
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